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Zen AI

No Code AI for Workflow Automation

Streamline sales, solution design, agile development, QA, training, and backoffice tasks.
Create enterprise-ready AI assistants and workflows in minutes, not weeks.
100% private and GDPR compliant.
RFP to proposal no code AI workflow
Create proposals for RFPs.
design to backlog no code AI workflow
Turn miro and figma designs into epics and stories.
SOP email request no code AI workflow
Create assistants to answer employee questions and streamline onboarding.
create marketing content no code AI workflow
Create marketing content in seconds.
AI assistant for business
Create AI assistants based on your company data, 100% private.
custom AI assistants
Share custom AI assistants with your team.

"Creating a proposal for an RFP in minutes feels magical."

Stefan, Department Head, MaibornWolff

"Our custom AI workflow saves us hours filling our backlog."

Daniel, CTO, rhome

"It's fast, and good. And so easy to setup."

Matthias, Senior Lead IT Architect, Ojemba


It's hard to understand your customers' true needs and to design clean, useful solutions for them.

Zen AI helps you with that.

Create PRDs and proposals, collect and analyze user feedback, check technical feasibility, analyze risks, identify edge cases, search for issues, write glossaries, document processes, turn your data into clean actionable backlogs, and more.


Use ready-made AI assistants to accelerate your workflows.


Create custom assistants perfectly tailored to your processes and data.


Share them with your peers to foster AI adoption in your company.


Learn how to use AI effectively with our education material.


Accelerate Your Workflows: Quickly deploy our ready-to-use AI assistants for agile software development. They are designed to fit seamlessly into agile software development methods, thus boosting productivity from day one.


Shape Your AI Workflows: Build competitive advantage with no code AI workflows that are perfectly adapted to your specific needs. Connect to your data and tools to create workfows, and support yourself with custom AI workflows.


Promote AI Adoption: Share your custom assistants across your organization. Encourage collaboration and innovation by making no code AI tools accessible to your peers, and drive your company's AI adoption forward.


Become an AI expert: Access a wealth of resources designed to help you understand and utilize AI for business effectively. Our educational materials ensure your team is well-equipped to maximize the benefits of custom no code AI.

Create Better AI Apps Faster With No Code AI Workflow Automation

  • Create proposals from client RFPs and requirements docs.
  • Scope your solutions, and get sparring and brainstorming support with Zen AI interviews.
  • Multiply your marketing content based on existing content, new feature descriptions, and promotional transcripts.
  • Reduce time-to-market by scaffolding PoC architectures, data models, and solution concepts.
  • Create well-formed epics and stories from raw design docs and images.
  • Answer helpdesk requests automatically based on your SOPs, and streamline back office tasks.
  • Build your own custom AI assistants and workflow automations with our no code AI editor.
custom AI for business

Integrate with your Tools & Workflows, No Code AI in Your Trusted Environment

  • Connect your custom AI workflows to your favorite tools like Onedrive, Sharepoint, Google Drive, Miro, Figma, Notion, Jira, Confluence, Linear, Github, and many more.
  • Use your company knowledge in no code AI workflows while keeping sensitive data secure. No data leaves your trusted environment. 100% and GDPR compliant.

Build AI Advantage with Custom AI Workflows

  • Leverage no code AI assistants and workflows carefully designed to support your workflows.
  • Create your own custom AI assistants tailored to your workflows and data.
  • Share assistants and no code AI workflows with your team to ease adoption and learn AI collaboratively.
  • Own all your custom AI assets, only share them within your company to build and retain your competitive AI advantage.
custom AI UX

UX for AI

  • Quick actions for even faster custom LLM prompting: Just clicking a button.
  • Edit everything to your liking. Zen AI is an editor and ýour no code AI partner at the same time.
  • Organize your work: Manage context data and AI assistant chats in projects.
  • AI whiteboard and no-code workflow automation editor for effective organization of your custom AI apps.

Setup in Minutes, 100% Private and GDPR Compliant

  • Setup no code AI in five minutes.
  • Use the LLM you want, including cost-effective, local AI models.
  • Zen AI supports all state-of-the-art AI models, such as GPT-4, Azure GPT, Claude Opus, Llama 3, and others, including local AI solutions.
  • 100% private AI in your trusted environment. No data leaves your company.
  • GDPR compliant AI for business.

100% Private and GDPR Compliant AI for Business

Get Results Faster with Task-Specific Quick Actions

Quick Actions

Create Powerful AI Workflows


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